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  • A Two Wild West Birthday Party Inspiration

    Rose gold silverware (sold on amazon $39.99 for set of 300) | Straws | Partyware & some on Amazon or another shop on Etsy | Cactus plates & napkins (some of the plates are currently on backorder, sorry guys I think I purchased the last ones!!) | Cactus stirrers | Tables (I spray painted these white!) | Pillows from Homegoods


    For the flowers, I just went to the local grocery and picked out some beautiful blooms! Cacti & Succulents I found a good selection from Lowes.

    I got my sweets from Greensleeves Village Bake Shop, a New Jersey nonprofit organization providing support services to children and adults with disabilities. Wonderful treats, supporting a great cause! I would highly recommend and use again!

    How cute is this little shirt! I just happened to walk into Zara about a week before his party and came across it – how fitting, it was simply made for him (I’m not able to find on their website but check your local store maybe you’ll find it on sale)!


    I got this acrylic drink dispenser from Crate & Barrel. It was a great purchase since the one I have is beautiful but it’s glass and I’m always afraid around the kids it’s going to get broken! These signs I got the inspo from PartywithLenzo and designed them myself then got them printed at Staples.

    I got these custom acrylic cake toppers from Cakewords, who was so wonderful to work with and through in a couple little extra goodies! I also got the ‘Let’s Party’ acrylic topper  & wooden hexagon name from Letterstou who works on the most creative party designs I’ve ever seen!

    Glass Cake Stand / Acrylic tier stands / Mini ice cream stand & baking rack


    The balloons I got from a variety of places, I also did a technique called ‘layering’ to get a specific color (like the opaque mint green) and searched on YouTube in order to create a balloon installation. I also got one of those machines to fill it with air (not helium).

    Giant 3′ Balloons / 16″ & Mini 5″ Balloons / Electric Balloon Pump

    I made a few extra cupcakes myself, some strawberry ones since the kids just love the extra sugar in them! To make these little swirly yellow (M’s favorite color) toppers, I used a pencil and cut thin strips of fondant and wrapped it around the pencil.

    Cactus Candles / Pastel Fondant / Foil Firework stirrers

    No party is complete without the cotton candy machine!! 🙂

    Yay! Candles

    And to make it extra fun – we got a bouncy house from Bouncin’ Blast! It was so perfect since it was a beautiful day the kids could be outside and entertained! The look on Maddox’s face says it all!

    Signs by MaddoxandLoren


    cropped-img-maddox-mom.pngComing up with the theme of this birthday didn’t take too long, I wanted to do something with wild twos. I saw a few examples and some inspiration on instagram, pinterest and other places. When I came across ‘PartywithLenzo’s’ New years eve pastel pool party, I knew I wanted to do something with pastels, cactus’s, flowers and create a Palm springs / Arizona vibe to it (which is where the ‘west’ came in). Though a lot of people at first thought we were doing something with cowboys :). Maybe not the most boy-ish theme, but he’s two and how much longer will I really have a say!? Hope you find some inspiration from this for your next party!


    PARTY DESIGN & STYLING: MaddoxandLoren / PARTYWARE: Parties Made Pretty / CUPCAKES & SWEETS: Greensleeves Village Bake Shop / STATIONARY: MaddoxandLoren / FLORALS: Maddoxandloren / BOUNCY HOUSE: Bouncin’ Blast / BALLOON INSTALLATION: MaddoxandLoren / INSPIRATION: PartywithLenzo / ACRYLIC PARTYWARE: Cakewords & Elizamade / WOODEN PARTYWARE: Letterstou

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  • Dream theme first birthday party

    If you’re looking for easy prints Chatbooks is one to check out! Pulls images down right from your social account in a snap!

    Party favors: Little 1 shaped sugar cookies! Recipe found here. Had lots of compliments on this recipe!

    This was a fun little game – guests took a guess at what Maddox might be when he grows up (from the top 7 career options we approved) Later Maddox played a little game, which you may have seen on my Insta stories!

    You may have guessed – Maddox might just be following in Daddy’s footsteps!

    If you’re in the central NJ area – you need to try Blue Sheep Bake shop! Really – right now- GO! I got my cake, cupcakes and macaroons from there and they were all the best!

    One last minute addition to the party – Troy’s idea (sorry to the parents of the children at this party: I did not think of all the sweets I was planning to have at the time) Cotten Candy machine (thank you for amazon prime!)

    For those of you who didn’t catch my insta – he choose the ‘Tylonol’ – representing ‘Pharma industry’.

    Oh that face – I could eat you up! Ironically – he had no interest in eating his cupcake.

    cropped-img-maddox-mom.pngWeighing in at 22lbs, 33inches and 8 teeth later, Maddox is ONE years old! When they tell you ‘Don’t blink – Before you know it they’ll be turning 1..15..off to college..’ they weren’t kidding! We have done so much with him in just one short year. From traveling local to nearly a dozen flights later, it’s amazing how much they develop and grow in so little time! I’m excited for what the new year brings, what new friends he’ll meet, the next tricks he’ll learn and all the trouble he’ll get into!

    Part of me was sad after his party – it was perfect, I couldn’t ask for better weather, the only slight hicup was the star of the show – wasn’t preforrming at his peak level! 😀 He ended up crashing about halfway through. All partied out. Maybe next year he’ll actually eat his cake!!


    *Special Thanks to My Mom for snapping some of these cute shots!!


    Bakery: Blue Sheep Bake Shop Somerville, NJ
    Custom Signs & Banners by: ASerpicodesigns Amazing little etsy shop!
    Party Inspo: Inspiredbythis.com

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  • Birthday Boy Party Ideas

    I love the color scheme using this Tiffany blue and white colors! It can be used for a boy or a girl!

    I love how they tie the invite into the theme colors as well! This was a dream theme which was so cute!

    This party was so magical! You need to see this theme. I absolutely love this location. If we lived in Brooklyn this would be his party! I am starting to look for creative places to have his party at. If you know of any in the central New Jersey area – do share!!

    Love how they sent these little photo strips in the invite! You just might see a pic of Maddox or two in your invite! 🙂

    A little fancy for 1 year olds! But so nice and intimate! Love the decor in this theme.

    These hats I’m in love with! It seems to be a trend to put little birthday hats or crowns on the kids and get a group photo!

    These little home made hats are so fun, I love the little ears on these ones!

    Nice little tutorial here!

    This theme had such cute DIY decorations! Was a cute french theme!

    french-1st-birthday-party-20 lion-hunstman-letterpress-invites-7
    I have only looked through this site a little so far – but they had some cute ideas!

    This little theme had such cute ideas!

    twinkle-little-star-birthday-5 twinkle-little-star-birthday-11
    The Stars on the cake are such a great idea – loving the sparkle on this cake too!

    twinkle-twinkle-little-star-party-theme-2 twinkle-twinkle-little-star-party-theme-8
    I love the favors in this theme!


    cropped-img-maddox-mom.pngNow that the holidays are over and we’re well into the New Year it won’t be long till Maddox turns 1! Hard to believe he’s nearly there! You don’t realize how fast the time goes till you have a baby :) that’s for sure. I’ve started to put some ideas together for what my theme should be, certain decorations and color schemes that I like. There won’t be too many times I’ll be able to really pick out a fun theme- it’ll be all sports & trucks from here on out! I’ve included some ideas I’ve found so far but I am welcoming any ideas you might have so please feel free to send or comment!!