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  • Living the dream in California!

    We’re loving these cute little sweatsuits (similiar color)

    Beautiful view from the greystone mansion!

    Oh boy, looking down at the ladies already 😀

    Because Matching stan smith adidas couldn’t be any cuter!!


    cropped-img-maddox-mom.pngIt’s been over 6 months so another California trip was needed! Troy was busy with a work trip already out there, so Maddox and me came out later. It’s been awhile since I’ve flown by myself with Maddox, and it was the first time since having the next size up car seat. Which means I had to bring Maddox’s stroller, the car seat, suitcase, diaper bag, purse – all by myself. After over 20 trips with him I think it’s safe to say we’ve got it down, but it was still a lot. I did purchase this carseat case that doubles as a ‘back pack’ (straps on the back) which was a lifesaver. I brought our larger stroller so I could put my purse below and Maddox’s diaper bag up top and I managed to pack both Maddox clothes & mine in one large suitcase. It was a sight to see us walking through the airport till we checked the suitcase & carseat.

    As for the flight, I brought some things to keep him busy as best I could, he’s into anything lately like sticky notes, stickers, and some erasable crayons.

    We stayed at the Avalon, Beverly Hills which is a small boutique hotel a few blocks away from Rodeo Drive. The location was great since most things we wanted to do this time were over that way. We were only there from Thursday – Tuesday so it was a quick trip, we met up with a few friends with their kids & had the best time! Always hard coming home from there.



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  • Your Guide to the Grand Cayman

    Day one: We landed! It was sunny and 86°

    Maddox wearing Zara Kids.

      We decided to go out of the resorts zone and try a spot on the island. It was absolutely beautiful to watch the sunset!

    Maddox wearing: HAT or HERE // RASHGUARD

    ‘Look a stingray!!’

    This jump was higher than it looked! Nearly 8ft to the water!

    Before I jumped in – I was sure to ask how many sharks they had seen around this area, thankfully none around here. Not sure I would have jumped if they had!

    Just a few underwater shots with the GoPro HERO5! Highly recommend getting one of these! So cool and they can go underwater!

    He wasn’t quite sure what it was, but it was slippery!!

     Maddox loves chicken, it’s one of his favorite meals. I think he was a little confused when we pointed to these chickens and said ‘chicken’!

    This place was called ‘Chicken, chicken’! Not a bad spot!

     Day four: Family vacay 2017 portrait!

    This little lounge chair was soo cute!! Perfect for this little guy!

     ‘Stay out of the garbage!!’ 😀

    While Troy watches Maddox – I catch up on what’s going on in the world.. aka Insta, fb…

    We could not get enough of this water!

    Just splashing around in a puddle that some other little boy made – think Maddox scared him off!

    Not the easiest surface to walk on, but it sure helped his walking ability back home!

    Happy to be getting some sun!



    Our first time to the Cayman Islands! We went to Seven Mile Beach in the Grand Cayman and it was stunning! It was a quick flight down from the NY area only 3.5 hours away so you can’t beat that for how tropical it is! I would definitely recommend and would go back.

    The top 3 must do while you’re there:

    1. Be sure to catch some rays
    2. Go to Stingray City and swim with the stingrays! Highly recommend redsailcayman.com they took us out on an awesome sailboat with breakfast on the way out. We took the early (7:30 am-ish) spot which gets you there before the rest of the boats get in so it wasn’t as choppy or busy in the water.
    3. Dine at the Ritz. All of their restaurants were terrific and had superb service.

    There weren’t a lot of excursions or trips outside the resorts to do, but if you were going to venture out the bus system was great there. $2.50 US will get you anywhere along the 7 mi beach. Quite convenient and we didn’t have any trouble on the weekends or nights when we went out getting a bus back. We were back by 7 every night though. 🙂 Do remember they drive on the opposite side of the road there!


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  • Strolling through LACMA

    Say cheese!

    Lovin’ some Sarah! <3

    Field trip to the sinkhole! 🙂

    cropped-img-maddox-mom.pngOn our recent trip to LA I had been wanting to check out the Picasso exhibit going on. So we headed on over only to get there and find it was closed that day for a private event! Oh well – we tried! We ended up snapping some pictures near the Urban lights and strolling through the Sinkhole park. It was a beautiful day – almost 80 degrees out and coming from the NY area where it had been in the 30’s the fresh air was much needed!



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  • 10 month kisses!

    cropped-img-maddox-mom.pngI know guys, this shot is so overplayed. Troy didn’t even want me to do this because of how many Mommies subject their babies (boys no less) to the kisses all over the body photoshoot. But I couldn’t resist. I mean have you ever seen anything soo cute!?

    I loved seeing the little baby posts on Valentines Day with kissey faces all over my insta and FB! One of my personal favorites was a shot with baby and kisses along with a kissing booth for $1.00!!! Loved it – props to that Mom (if only I had been that creative!) I don’t think Maddox would have sat that long though. I only got a few minutes as is before the kisses were smudging off all over the sheets! Note to self.. Smashbox lipstick I s smudge proof wear.. It did however take a few baths to get all of the kisses off. Was so worth it. I had a hard time choosing which to share.. I just loved them all! Hope you enjoy as much as I did!!



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  • Happy First Valentine’s Day!



    cropped-img-maddox-mom.pngIt’s Maddox’s First Valentine’s Day! What could be more fun than a dozen red balloons! He’s seen a lot of balloons in the stores lately and every time he sees them he can’t stop looking at them…and what better excuse for balloon pictures than Valentines Day!


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  • Our little snow bunny!


    cropped-img-maddox-mom.pngIt was Maddox’s first time in the snow! He had seen it once before, we got about an inch or two earlier in the year and his only contact with it was when Troy put a pile of snow on his high chair tray while he was having his breakfast. Maddox tried to pick it up and as soon as he touched it he started to cry! This time went a little better! He went outside in it and seemed to like it! It didn’t take long after we put him down to make a little snow angel to realize this was that same cold fluffy stuff from that high chair that he didn’t like!! :) At least we got a few pictures in first!


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  • Birthday Boy Party Ideas

    I love the color scheme using this Tiffany blue and white colors! It can be used for a boy or a girl!

    I love how they tie the invite into the theme colors as well! This was a dream theme which was so cute!

    This party was so magical! You need to see this theme. I absolutely love this location. If we lived in Brooklyn this would be his party! I am starting to look for creative places to have his party at. If you know of any in the central New Jersey area – do share!!

    Love how they sent these little photo strips in the invite! You just might see a pic of Maddox or two in your invite! 🙂

    A little fancy for 1 year olds! But so nice and intimate! Love the decor in this theme.

    These hats I’m in love with! It seems to be a trend to put little birthday hats or crowns on the kids and get a group photo!

    These little home made hats are so fun, I love the little ears on these ones!

    Nice little tutorial here!

    This theme had such cute DIY decorations! Was a cute french theme!

    french-1st-birthday-party-20 lion-hunstman-letterpress-invites-7
    I have only looked through this site a little so far – but they had some cute ideas!

    This little theme had such cute ideas!

    twinkle-little-star-birthday-5 twinkle-little-star-birthday-11
    The Stars on the cake are such a great idea – loving the sparkle on this cake too!

    twinkle-twinkle-little-star-party-theme-2 twinkle-twinkle-little-star-party-theme-8
    I love the favors in this theme!


    cropped-img-maddox-mom.pngNow that the holidays are over and we’re well into the New Year it won’t be long till Maddox turns 1! Hard to believe he’s nearly there! You don’t realize how fast the time goes till you have a baby :) that’s for sure. I’ve started to put some ideas together for what my theme should be, certain decorations and color schemes that I like. There won’t be too many times I’ll be able to really pick out a fun theme- it’ll be all sports & trucks from here on out! I’ve included some ideas I’ve found so far but I am welcoming any ideas you might have so please feel free to send or comment!!