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  • 5 minute makeup routine

    I can barely remember the days pre-baby. What did I do with all my free time before Maddox I often ask myself. How nice it must have been to get ready in my own quiet time without rushing to get done before Maddox wakes up or trying to multitask while he’s on the floor in a hurry to pull everything out of the closet, or tear all the toilet paper down (yes he’s done that). Today I’m sharing my 5 minute makeup routine for the busy moms who have barely any time to get ready! Hope you Enjoy!

    After moisturizer I apply a primer before applying foundation (also love this one) . I prefer to use a sponge to apply for evenness. After I use a liquid foundation I brush on a bit of a powder to keep it set and apply some quick blush.

      After all that I use a pencil to fill in my brows.

    I’ve tried so many different kinds of Mascara, from various price points but always come back to this one by Maybelline.

    This is my favorite lip primer! I have a lot of pigment in my lips, so it really helps me be able to get the exact lipstick color I use.

    If i’m really feeling like doing up my look I’ll add a eye liner. I use a liquid and lately have been just doing the top.