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  • Valentines Day get together

    Look at this beautiful little girl, and those EYES!!

    Apparently this Maddox’s YEEZY outfit! It’s so baggy right now
    on him since he’s in between sizes (4-5T).

    Just let me put my glasses on! Already a little fashionista!



    I really never need a reason to throw a party, and what better time then around Valentine’s Day! The decorations and themes are so cute! Since we’ve moved out of our home we’ve been so busy, It’s been hard to get together with friends. This little friend of Maddox just passed 6 months recently! It’s amazing how the time fly’s by. So it was the perfect time to get together. 

    Maddox’s first day of Pre-school was also this week, just in time for Valentine’s day. We took the opportunity to make some cute little Valentine’s for his new friends, check back on my Insta to see what we did!


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  • Peony’s Envy – Cut flower field

    As far as the eyes can see – peonies!




    Last year you may have remember we went to Peony’s Envy in Bernardsville – beautiful peony’s gardens. This year they’ve opened a cut flower field where you can go and cut your own (if you go they recommend bringing your own gloves & clippers). Another tip – is getting some of the flowers that are less full bloomed so they’d last a bit longer, I was so excited to get the biggest boutique I ever saw that I couldn’t help myself!

    There were so many flowers, as well as so many ticks (that was the down on the open fields). We had to do a tick check after and found 2 on each of us! This location is on a farm – so there’s Chickens & goats and a few other animals around so it makes for a fun afternoon!

    Do you know of any flower fields in NJ? Let me know! Always looking for new flower spot for photos! 🙂

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  • A Two Wild West Birthday Party Inspiration

    Rose gold silverware (sold on amazon $39.99 for set of 300) | Straws | Partyware & some on Amazon or another shop on Etsy | Cactus plates & napkins (some of the plates are currently on backorder, sorry guys I think I purchased the last ones!!) | Cactus stirrers | Tables (I spray painted these white!) | Pillows from Homegoods


    For the flowers, I just went to the local grocery and picked out some beautiful blooms! Cacti & Succulents I found a good selection from Lowes.

    I got my sweets from Greensleeves Village Bake Shop, a New Jersey nonprofit organization providing support services to children and adults with disabilities. Wonderful treats, supporting a great cause! I would highly recommend and use again!

    How cute is this little shirt! I just happened to walk into Zara about a week before his party and came across it – how fitting, it was simply made for him (I’m not able to find on their website but check your local store maybe you’ll find it on sale)!


    I got this acrylic drink dispenser from Crate & Barrel. It was a great purchase since the one I have is beautiful but it’s glass and I’m always afraid around the kids it’s going to get broken! These signs I got the inspo from PartywithLenzo and designed them myself then got them printed at Staples.

    I got these custom acrylic cake toppers from Cakewords, who was so wonderful to work with and through in a couple little extra goodies! I also got the ‘Let’s Party’ acrylic topper  & wooden hexagon name from Letterstou who works on the most creative party designs I’ve ever seen!

    Glass Cake Stand / Acrylic tier stands / Mini ice cream stand & baking rack


    The balloons I got from a variety of places, I also did a technique called ‘layering’ to get a specific color (like the opaque mint green) and searched on YouTube in order to create a balloon installation. I also got one of those machines to fill it with air (not helium).

    Giant 3′ Balloons / 16″ & Mini 5″ Balloons / Electric Balloon Pump

    I made a few extra cupcakes myself, some strawberry ones since the kids just love the extra sugar in them! To make these little swirly yellow (M’s favorite color) toppers, I used a pencil and cut thin strips of fondant and wrapped it around the pencil.

    Cactus Candles / Pastel Fondant / Foil Firework stirrers

    No party is complete without the cotton candy machine!! 🙂

    Yay! Candles

    And to make it extra fun – we got a bouncy house from Bouncin’ Blast! It was so perfect since it was a beautiful day the kids could be outside and entertained! The look on Maddox’s face says it all!

    Signs by MaddoxandLoren


    cropped-img-maddox-mom.pngComing up with the theme of this birthday didn’t take too long, I wanted to do something with wild twos. I saw a few examples and some inspiration on instagram, pinterest and other places. When I came across ‘PartywithLenzo’s’ New years eve pastel pool party, I knew I wanted to do something with pastels, cactus’s, flowers and create a Palm springs / Arizona vibe to it (which is where the ‘west’ came in). Though a lot of people at first thought we were doing something with cowboys :). Maybe not the most boy-ish theme, but he’s two and how much longer will I really have a say!? Hope you find some inspiration from this for your next party!


    PARTY DESIGN & STYLING: MaddoxandLoren / PARTYWARE: Parties Made Pretty / CUPCAKES & SWEETS: Greensleeves Village Bake Shop / STATIONARY: MaddoxandLoren / FLORALS: Maddoxandloren / BOUNCY HOUSE: Bouncin’ Blast / BALLOON INSTALLATION: MaddoxandLoren / INSPIRATION: PartywithLenzo / ACRYLIC PARTYWARE: Cakewords & Elizamade / WOODEN PARTYWARE: Letterstou

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  • Free things to do when in Los Angeles

    I can’t count how many trips we’ve taken to LA in the past couple years. Since Troy lived there, we tend to go back a few times a year to see friends or just soak up that California Sunshine! I thought it would be helpful to share a list of some free things to do when visiting! You could add so much more to this list but below are just a few things:

    1. Hike to the Hollywood sign

    While there are soo many great ones out there, it all depends on who you’re traveling with, how novice of a ‘hiker’ you are. I was hoping we could do the route that goes behind the sign which lets you get a different perspective on the typical hollywood sign photo (but I’ve heard not exactly child friendly), we ended up taking the Runyon Canyon hike. I had brought out a carrier and put M on my back up the trail. None of us had ever done it before and I would not recommend doing the hard trail with small children, as there are NO RAILINGS and VERY STEEP uphill rocky inclines. You can however, take the easy (longer) route. But whichever trail you choose you will be sure to get some unbelievable pictures!

    Runyon Canyon Park  |  Griffith Park

    2. Visit the ever popular Museum of Ice Cream

    Side note: this one does cost some money to get in. A few other things to note, you need to schedule an appointment which gives you a window of time to get in. You also should look up to see if it’s open as it’s a seasonal Museum in LA and I heard this year it’s relocating so be sure to fact check this one.

    Museum of Ice Cream

    3. Take your picture at the LACMA Urban Lights

    A very popular photo spot, you’re lucky if you’re the only one there. No matter what time I’ve gone, I’ve always seen other people, moms, fashion bloggers, etc. there snapping their best pics (guilty of doing this, one time or two).

    4. Visit Santa Monica’s pirate ship kids park

    It was our first time to the pirate ship in Santa Monica. It really is one of the best little kids parks I’ve ever been to! It’s completely gated in so the kids can’t run away and has so many fun little things for kids to play on. It’s shaped like a pirate ship and can’t be missed!

    5. Head to Malibu’s best beaches

    Many people head up the PCH and stop at the first beach they see, but if you really want a quiet beach with breathtaking views head to El Matador Beach. Trust me on this one – you won’t be disappointed!

    6. Stop by Greystone Mansion

    The view here is simply stunning of the entire Los Angeles area. It’s a beautiful spot to take pictures and walk around. So long as they’re not filming it’s usually open most days.

    7. Walk down the iconic Rodeo Drive

    This street is usually filled with tourists stopping to take pictures while every other car is a Box Mercedes, Bentley or something finer. If you haven’t done it I’d say to do it (I mean after all it is the scene from the classic Pretty Woman), but other than stopping to get a quick Nespresso or a very overpriced (but tasty) macaroon at Ladurée don’t expect much more other than a bit of window shopping! 🙂


    cropped-img-maddox-mom.pngHope you get the chance to visit some of these spots and enjoy them for yourself! Let me know in the comments area if there are any places, things to do or restaurants in the LA area that you think are a must see for our next trip!


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  • Valentines Day with my cousins

    Someone was a little exciting and almost couldn’t wait!

    SMILE while I take your take your picture and DON’T even think about touching that cake!!

    And he thought of it!

    “Dispose of this!”

    That tongue though!! How cute is this shirt! “Be kind with one another”

    And the papparazzi princess wants to take all the pictures!


    cropped-img-maddox-mom.pngWe will use any excuse to throw a little party! This Valentines day was no different! We invited our cousins over to come play + have some cake. I can’t believe how good they sat with the cake right on the table, for a whole 30 seconds I had to take my pictures! Yes they moved a little, some didn’t exactly smile and Maddox did try to smash the cake with his plate but hey thats more than I could have asked for! Maddox was so cute with them even though it took a few minutes for him to warm up to sharing his toys!



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  • One snowy afternoon and a christmas tree

    “This looks like the one mom!”

    Say Cheese!

    “Catch me if you can!”


    cropped-img-maddox-mom.pngIt was the first snow of the year and Maddox was so excited to get out and play in it! I thought he wouldn’t really like it based off last years experience but to my surprise he couldn’t wait to get outside and get in it! There was about an inch of snow on the ground and we decided to take him to a little tree farm nearby (completely for a photoshoot–we don’t even get a real tree). It had a wide open field behind the lot of trees, there were twinkly lights and the snow was falling! We took a few photos and before we knew it Maddox took off running, it was clear he had no intention of stopping! He wasn’t sure what this new fluffy white stuff we were calling ‘snow’ was but as you can see from the photos he was enjoying every second of it!

    Needless to say we are looking forward to the next snow storm!


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  • Thanksgiving Inspo

    Thanksgiving is 6 days behind us and we are officially into the holiday season and I am so ready (yet unprepared) for it! We’ve gotten our tree up and only down 1 ornament-or ‘ball’ as Maddox likes to call them. Luckily, no cuts or stitches to date (fingers crossed). Before we get into December and it’s too late, I wanted to share a few pics from our Thanksgiving weekend:

    So thankful for him!

    PINE CONES: HERE // LINEN NAPKINS: HERE // GRAY NAPKINS: HERE  // ROSE GOLD CHARGERS: HERE  (I went over to Michaels and was able to find black/silver and gold chargers for $1 each) // TEA LIGHT CANDLES: HERE