Your Guide to the Grand Cayman

Day one: We landed! It was sunny and 86°

Maddox wearing Zara Kids.

  We decided to go out of the resorts zone and try a spot on the island. It was absolutely beautiful to watch the sunset!

Maddox wearing: HAT or HERE // RASHGUARD

‘Look a stingray!!’

This jump was higher than it looked! Nearly 8ft to the water!

Before I jumped in – I was sure to ask how many sharks they had seen around this area, thankfully none around here. Not sure I would have jumped if they had!

Just a few underwater shots with the GoPro HERO5! Highly recommend getting one of these! So cool and they can go underwater!

He wasn’t quite sure what it was, but it was slippery!!

 Maddox loves chicken, it’s one of his favorite meals. I think he was a little confused when we pointed to these chickens and said ‘chicken’!

This place was called ‘Chicken, chicken’! Not a bad spot!

 Day four: Family vacay 2017 portrait!

This little lounge chair was soo cute!! Perfect for this little guy!

 ‘Stay out of the garbage!!’ 😀

While Troy watches Maddox – I catch up on what’s going on in the world.. aka Insta, fb…

We could not get enough of this water!

Just splashing around in a puddle that some other little boy made – think Maddox scared him off!

Not the easiest surface to walk on, but it sure helped his walking ability back home!

Happy to be getting some sun!



Our first time to the Cayman Islands! We went to Seven Mile Beach in the Grand Cayman and it was stunning! It was a quick flight down from the NY area only 3.5 hours away so you can’t beat that for how tropical it is! I would definitely recommend and would go back.

The top 3 must do while you’re there:

  1. Be sure to catch some rays
  2. Go to Stingray City and swim with the stingrays! Highly recommend they took us out on an awesome sailboat with breakfast on the way out. We took the early (7:30 am-ish) spot which gets you there before the rest of the boats get in so it wasn’t as choppy or busy in the water.
  3. Dine at the Ritz. All of their restaurants were terrific and had superb service.

There weren’t a lot of excursions or trips outside the resorts to do, but if you were going to venture out the bus system was great there. $2.50 US will get you anywhere along the 7 mi beach. Quite convenient and we didn’t have any trouble on the weekends or nights when we went out getting a bus back. We were back by 7 every night though. 🙂 Do remember they drive on the opposite side of the road there!


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  1. If I ever go to the Caymans, I will so use this blog post… and you might have just convinced me to add it to our bucket list…

    1. lorennicole says: Reply

      It really was a great island! We would go back! ?

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