10 month kisses!

cropped-img-maddox-mom.pngI know guys, this shot is so overplayed. Troy didn’t even want me to do this because of how many Mommies subject their babies (boys no less) to the kisses all over the body photoshoot. But I couldn’t resist. I mean have you ever seen anything soo cute!?

I loved seeing the little baby posts on Valentines Day with kissey faces all over my insta and FB! One of my personal favorites was a shot with baby and kisses along with a kissing booth for $1.00!!! Loved it – props to that Mom (if only I had been that creative!) I don’t think Maddox would have sat that long though. I only got a few minutes as is before the kisses were smudging off all over the sheets! Note to self.. Smashbox lipstick I s smudge proof wear.. It did however take a few baths to get all of the kisses off. Was so worth it. I had a hard time choosing which to share.. I just loved them all! Hope you enjoy as much as I did!!



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