Round and round the carousel

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cropped-img-maddox-mom.pngThis week we went to the Turtle Back Zoo with some of our Mommy friends and their little ones! I’ve never seen so many Mommy’s and Strollers in one place! Who knew it was such a hot spot to go. I remember going there as a kid thinking how big it was, It seemed much smaller then I remembered but was so much fun. It was the perfect day, it wasn’t too hot and a little overcast which was good for the kids. Some of the animal exhibits were closed so we weren’t able to see a few things (the lions, tigers, giraffes, touch tank all the good ones). Maddox was just happy to be outside and riding around in the stroller (two of his favorite things). I did pull him out of the stroller to go on the carousel which was the highlight of his day – he just loved all the lights & music!


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